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3 Stages to Converting Your Blog Visitors

The most searched term on Google for lead conversion is “Converting Blog Visitors into Subscribers”. This does not surprise us.

The Problem

We have spoken with several companies that focus on content marketing – from startups and all the way up to the unicorns of the industry and they all seem to have the exact same issue – We get hundreds of, thousands of visitors per month on our blog but our conversion is at less than .000 (drifts away).

Instinctively you ask them “hey, why spend the kind of money in getting visitors to your blog if they don’t convert. Why not just use that budget towards generating more leads in the channels that actually work?”.

This is how that conversation went: 
“We want to get organic traffic” 
“That makes sense, and how are you converting them now” 
“We have a Sign up button (CTA of their choice)” 
“Is it working?” 
“Well, I am converting about 0.02% of that traffic. It’s all organic!” 
“That’s pretty good. But what’s your website conversion?” 
“We do really well there, currently at 4%” 
“That’s amazing! Tell me something though, what is the point of getting this organic if you are not able to convert them at the same rate as your website?” 
“We want to build brand awareness and be on top of search results – we want our ideal customers to know we exist” 

Let me be the first to break this myth – Organic traffic coming to your blog is not free. You have invested in people (to write the article), technology to distribute the content, analytics to understand the visitors and let not forget the time and effort gone into strategy around every aspect of content marketing.

Shouldn’t you actually take advantage of your ideal customers that are lurking on your blog page?

Blog visitors are tricky

They read your content and just leave.

What can you do?

There are several articles online that talk about how to better leverage your blog traffic that I will not specifically get into here.

Our very own Neil Patel has a great article on effective ways to convert blog visitors. You can check it out here

Chances are, you are doing 3 out of the 4 points mentioned there. But, its still not working.

The companies I have spoken to, follow tons of strategies to convert their blog visitors. However, there is one thing that has proven itself to work better – Ask them!

You’ve experienced it first hand at some point; You go into that favorite department store, a sales rep comes out to you and asks you a simple question “Is there anything specific you are looking for?”.

You tell him what you want, and he takes you right to it. You have saved time and (let’s face it) a whole lot of walking around a large department store trying to find something you already know you want.

So simple. Yet, so effective.

Converse, don’t push!

What if the store sales rep pushed multiple things “buy this!” or “we have an offer on that!”, you know he is just pushing to close a sale and simply walk away. Same concept, applied digitally.

Why push your online users to “Sign up” or “That special weekend deal” or show them that annoying pop-up just when they are about to exit (They are leaving; what makes you think that annoying pop-up is going to make them stay?)

Try conversing with them instead. Let’s break down the best way to do this using snippect:

Stage 1 – Intrigue
Start a conversation by talking about the article they are on

Stage 2 – Intent
Ask them where they are from or what they are looking for

Stage 3 – Guide
Take them to a page that would be relevant to them

Makes sense no? It’s like having a friendly sales rep with your customer, guiding them towards what’s right for them.