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8 Best Blogging Tips You Need To Grow Your Business In 2019

Content is critical to drive business. Period.

If you agree with me then you know how important it is to generate qualitative blogs to just stay relevant and to stay ahead of your competitors.

It’s also very important to ensure that the content in your blog is capable of converting your readers towards your desired goal.

So, what is really the recipe for creating a blog that is sure to convert?

Today, I am going to take you through the 8 best blogging tips that I worship literally, in order to create a successful blog that would,

  1. Perform well on search engines
  2. Be insightful for readers
  3. Convert audience and through inbound marketing, grow business in 2019

Deciding the theme or topic

Deciding the topic and the title is far more scientific than having an itch to write on something. While, being spontaneous about your topics can sometimes be a good thing, although it might not be the most effective strategy for your business.

It is quite important to create a content calendar that follows a specific theme or topic. This way, you could put out content in more organized manner, in turn bringing back old visitors.

Think of your blog as a sitcom series, you need an order or flow to keep your audience engaged and derive sense as well from your blog. For example, my objective/theme is to create a series of blogs that would help you to,

Write the best blogs

Get tons of traffic with your content

And convert the audience on your blogsNow that my theme/topic is defined, I can go ahead and think of a powerful headline.

Deciding the theme or topic

After you have decided your theme and ready to brainstorm the topics with your content team, you need to be clear on who you want to speak to through your blogs.

Through this blog, I intend to give insights to people at the strategic level or people who are looking to push their conversion numbers with content or people who would like to get more traffic on their content.

If I was focusing on only content curators then I would be giving out detailed information on blog writing, publishing and focusing less on pushing business growth with content.

Coming up with a powerful headline

Headlines are ice-breakers for the web-users. If your headline is not powerful or punchy enough then you are going to lose out on a lot of traffic.

Audience profiling should give you a base level idea on the kind of headline you need to come up with.

Thankfully, there are tools such as CoShedule’s Headline Analyzer that can help you quantitatively measure the “punchy-ness” in your headline.

The goal is to get your headline to score 70 and above.

Also, don’t get discouraged if it takes a lot of trials to get the right score. It took me quite some time to get a good headline too.

Yeah, the struggle is real.

A lot of you might doubt the authenticity of the tool (I doubted it too). So to check, I used the headline for one of Neil Patel’s vlog and it came up with a whooping 73.

In conclusion, the tool works and it would definitely help you select the best headline for your blogs.

In-depth content to reach your customer’s heartI can define quality blog in a very simple sentence i.e. “Writing very very very useful content”.

It is no myth that quality proceeds quantity in blogging world. As long as your content adds value to your user, search engines see it fit to be ranked on the first page.In-depth content or long form content will also add credibility or authority to your website/product. As stated on an article by Moz, your blog is an extension of your website and it should be treated just as professionally.

Moz also suggests you to keep your content creative and think like your users. Thinking from your user’s shoe would allow you to see the value that needs to added through the content on your blog.

Clear call to action

We are done with headline.

We are done with quality content.

What’s left? Call to actions of course!

The content in your blog should be able chart a clear course of action for the user to take. The action being the conversion objective for your website or your product.

Source: “These 6 POP Ceiling Designs for Halls Are Always in Style” – UrbanClap

Example #1: – At the end of a really nice and illustrative article, UrbanClap author clearly enlisted the steps that the user could take after reading the current article. This is the best way to put out CTA if your objective is to keep your user on your website for long

Source: “The Basics: How to Leverage a Simple Service Level Agreement” – Freshservice

Example #2: On the other hand, Freshservice blogs follow a uniform strategy of linking their CTA URLs across a particular long tail keyword. The keyword represents the topic of the article and the link associated takes the user to the related product.

More conversions with Snippect!

Clear CTAs in a blog give you the best chance to have your audience convert. Which is important to ensures value for the time and effort invested in creating the content.

But, what else can you do to ensure that your blogs convert?

Interactive content such as embedded conversational chats provide an advantage over conversion through just text.

Snippect, an embed chat tool, allows you to create short conversational chats that prove very effective at engaging your blog audience and converting them.

B2C and B2B companies that use Snippect have noticed their conversion rates going up by an average of 35% on their blogs.

SEO – Organic reach with meta tags

I know so many businesses that pay huge amount of money to agencies for SEO. There is nothing wrong with that.But, just like charity… SEO must begin at home as well.

Getting your blog SEO compatible isn’t that difficult. It would take you just 10 minutes to convert your blog into a SEO compatible blog.

Let’s get started with the technical side of SEO that you would need to look at.

There are two meta tags that you need to care about, the title tag and the description tag. The title tag assigns a title for your page and the description tag assigns a brief summary about the page.

If you are working with WordPress then you can find several plug-ins that can you insert the title and description. The best one being Yoast SEO. If you are on some other platform then you can ask your web-developer to point out the location of the meta tags.

When you are writing your title and description, you need to be thinking less SEO and more about click throughs. This concept has been beautifully explained by Neil Patel’s blog “Meta Description Magic”. The gist of his blog being, you need to write an appealing title and description that persuades users to click on your website URL and arrive at your blog. More the clicks, better the SEO score.

SEO – Helping google with short and relevant URLs

Your blog page URL also plays an important role in getting your content noticed by Google. More than being noticed, it actually helps google understand what your blog is all about.

Take this URL for example:

This URL would ideally tell Google that the page belongs to the brand Snippect and the page is about converting blog visitors.

Now that google has this information, it will start showing the page to users who are searching for the topic “converting blog visitors”.

The idea is to keep the URL concise. It should convey the title or objective of your blog in the shortest way possible.

So those were my best blogging tips for you to grow your business in 2019! If I have to put everything into a simple sentence then it would read “Write blogs that matter to your audience.”

Having said that, don’t forget to check out Snippect, the one stop solution for you to convert your blog audience with conversation.