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9 Best AMP Templates for HTML websites

HTML is like the carbon of the internet, for those of you that didn’t take Chemistry in school, carbon is the building block of life. HTML is the building block of webpages. These building blocks need to be transferred into the blocks that we carry around in our pockets: smartphones. HTML describes the structure of a web page semantically and had originally included cues for the appearance of the document.

But, the best of websites often fall short when it comes to their smarter, smaller, more portable counterparts. So to remedy that, we rounded up 9 best AMP templates for HTML websites:

1. Resepina Mobile

Resepina, now upgraded to Resepina 2.0 with an updated code to run the latest jQuery, HTML, and CSS3 code, also offers a Google AMP edition. Not only does it provide an easy-to-use and straightforward browsing experience for your users, it look great doing it. Resepina is your beauty with brains kind of template. It is designed like the AppStore and Instagram with a fixed bottom navigation, making it even more user-friendly.

It supports Classic HTML & JS Version, Google AMP HTML Version, Google AMP PHP Version, 10 AMP + 10 HTML Page, Preloaded pages for HTML Version and AJAX Instant Pages for HTML Versions amongst more! It really is comprehensive.

2. Alea

If you’re looking to build a music based website, Alea is the answer to your prayers. With easy-to-use drag and drop tools, it allows you to create extremely customisable edgy designs, and choose from over 100 different  layouts. The customisation options are honestly endless.

This template lets you listen to music and entire playlists. Further, it allows you to reproduce videos through the use of various music and video players.

It’s got everything you need to easily, quickly and efficiently create an exciting webpage and/or app that is entirely AMP-lified.

3. Drawer Mobile

If you’ve got a content-focused website, you need Drawer. Not just a drawer for all your stationery and notebooks, silly! Drawer offers typography and design options, including responsive images with aspect ratio and ergonomic navigation designed for an intuitive user experience. Boasting an elegant design, landing pages filled with thumbnails and a dropdown menu, Drawer effortlessly takes content-focused websites up several notches.

It’s main features include Google AMP + HTML, JS, and CSS versions.

4. Moderner Mobile

Moderner offers a clean and crisp design. Standing true to its name with Elite Quality Support, it is a mobile-ready product compatible with PhoneGap and Cordova. Moderner also fully-equipped with and icon pack, Google Fonts, slider and image galleries, CSS3/PHP/Ajax contact forms with validation, to name just a few of its features.

5. Jhilex

This beast of a template is an all-in-one, power packed bundle that helps you create a mobile website, a mobile web app or a native app using Framework7, which allows you to create iOS and Android apps with HTML, CSS and JavaScript easily and clearly. You can dabble on both the iOS and Android fronts. Get you a template that can do both, right?

6. AMP Business Meet Up

A non-fuss, clean and sleek template, as business-like as it gets. With the ability to make reservations, this is the best business event template. This template provides multiple pages so that maximum information can be retained, and also provides a readily made form.

Moreover, you are granted access to a large variation of customisable elements and features that make this template stand out. If you’re looking to get your business page to the forefront, without the hassle of long development and coding hour, this one’s for you.

7.  Dance School

The Dance School HTML Template is as fluid as its name, with unmatched customisation possibilities in depth and intuitiveness. Aesthetically clean, minimalist, highly professional and graphically refined and polished, this extremely well structured and intuitively navigable, user and developer friendly, lightweight and extremely modern, search engine optimized and notoriously bold are communicative, visually stimulating, and responsive.

8. Coworking Template

Creating a coworking space, the CoWorking Template enables you to share not only working spaces, but also ideas, thoughts and impressions. Perfect for a startup, this template will address all your needs as your organisation grows and adapt to the growing needs of your baby. A template for smooth working, sharing, and increased productivity, the AMP HTML Coworking Template is a Type A person’s dream come true.

9. AMP HTML Mobile App Template

AMP HTML Mobile App Template to makes it easier for you to work on your projects. Download this AMP HTML Mobile App Template from the app store and use it without limits. Build your free AMP HTML templates. Supported by iOS and Android both, this is the perfect, simple, and basic features you need.

Now that we’ve laid out some of our favourites, the tough part is picking a template. You are spoilt for choice. Keep the earlier analogy of building blocks in mind. Pick the right one and you’ll build something you’re proud to look at, and that your users will love.

Each and every block has a different design, a different feature, a different purpose and a different use. If you choose your block carefully and use it correctly, you’ll have built yourself a masterpiece.