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Best Alternative to Pop-up CTA Tools

Let’s make this real, and let it hurt. You found an old diary, an old instagram photo, a screenshot you had sent to your friend when your ex and you were still in the ‘aww how cute!’ phase. You find yourself reminiscing about all the good times, indulging on the memories, thinking maybe this would work and then it pops up! (yes, we finally got to the topic of this article) That annoying, irritating neediness of his, that. That neediness is the anti-hero of our story, the pop up CTA tool.

We always thought we needed them because they would push us to do these things we never did i.e. type out your email address on another website, things that simply suck. But you did it anyway. The cycle has got to stop somewhere, darling! You can’t live your life listening to a nagging pop-up CTA tool, or a nagging ex.

Now to get down to business (if you need some more life advice, read some of Oprah’s books), why are pop-up CTA tools so last season?

Pop-Up CTA Tools: The Anti-Hero

Yes, they made sense in the beginning. Users arrive on the website and we, as businesses, want them to convert to customers. So, how do you ensure that this is what happens? That’s when the pop-up CTA tool came to the rescue. However, it has surely evolved since its inception with custom designs and witty content – asking questions, providing discount codes, giving the customer what they want, and yet there is something a teeny bit annoying about a box blocking what you really came looking for.

Nonetheless, they have a lot going for them. Pop-up CTA tools are demanding, so you know your message isn’t going to be ignored, have shown massive conversion rates and have huge ROI potential. And now, there are a lot of pop-up CTA tools that are less intrusive too.

But, considering that I have already proclaimed that they are the anti-hero, I need to tell you what makes they less special. Other than blocking everything they shouldn’t, pop-ups force a user to take action, which is great IF the user wants to, but otherwise it’s just intrusion.

Very often the action that the users take is to get the hell out of there, just increasing your website’s bounce rate. So even though you’re generating leads, you’re losing far more. Additionally, they aren’t great for your image either because, let’s be real, pop-up CTA tools are rather spam-like. They make the users begin to distrust you. And they’re worse on mobile devices. If you don’t believe me, you can ask Google. They began penalising websites that use pop-up CTA tools to drive mobile traffic.

Is there any way to highlight the hero in the anti-hero? Of course there is, didn’t anybody ever tell you that where there’s a will there’s a way. First things first, disable the mobile pop-ups. Nobody wants that. Make sure you’re offering something that the user cares about, that’s worth the time you have taken from them. Make sure your message is clear, and relevant to what the user is looking for. Don’t have immediate pop-ups, let the user breathe before they’re bombarded, and they most definitely don’t need to be bombarded on each page. Lastly, make sure the ‘x’ button to close your pup-up is large and clearly visible, so if the user chooses to exit they’re able to do so quickly. Test different versions until your analytics can tell you what works best for your business and purpose.

Sometimes though, pop-up CTA tools just don’t cut it. So how do you create engagement without a pop-up CTA tool?

Is it a dog? Is it a plane? It’s Snippect!

Snippect: The Hero

Snippect offers all the good things that a pop-up CTA tool can, without any of the bad stuff. It gives you in-depth analysis of what’s working and what’s not. It is a better, easier, and more civilised (in my opinion) way to engage users by creating contextual conversations, exactly where and when the user really wants them, without any additional coding (phew). Also yes, you can collect email addresses or guide visitors to relevant pages.

A no-nonsense solution that makes your company more real, more human, and more approachable. You can share images, GIFs, and even videos from Youtube. Snippect can also integrate different landing pages with different personas. Yup, we weren’t joking, it’s got it all.

Moreover, it’s a highly adaptable tool that allows real-time changes. You can collect the name, phone number, email address and any additional comments from your visitors. All these fields get validated in real-time, making sure you only receive validated leads to achieve the growth you are looking for.

So, long story short, saddle up and ride on the Snippect horse into the sunset of exponentially increasing conversions and engagement, leaving low bounce rates behind.