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Best Alternative to Sumo Pop-ups

The Trouble with Pop-ups

As tempting as it may be to search for ‘one-stop’ solutions and tools that have the capability to handle everything that your brand needs, it is important to know and remember what your brand is looking for.

Having too many apps at your disposal, but only using 3 out of 13 of them (as well as all-in-one tools generally not being as solid as single plug-ins), makes the entire exercise rather futile.

Less is more, unless you’re talking about your conversion rate (but we told you that already).

Pop-ups used to be all the rage, and more importantly, they were the best way to easily increase the conversion rate on your website.

They’ve evolved so much over time that even today, a lot of marketers and businesses turn to pop-ups when they think about conversions and bounce rates.

Sure, this used to be a great idea, but so was dial-up internet and MySpace. With the passage of time and the advancement in technology (thank god for wi-fi/fibre), pop-ups have become a thing of the past.

There’s no doubt that they may still be effective for certain businesses but there’s also no doubt that they are still extremely annoying to users (possibly more-so today).

One of the most popular points of conversion is email collection. If a user enters their email onto your website, bang, they’ve converted and are now part of your database.

Mission accomplished.

Sumo gives you the ability to create any type of pop-up under the sun – from welcome mats to smart bars to scroll boxes.

And oh, they work.

But what it doesn’t do is make them any less annoying to the user, which is far more detrimental to your business.

Pop-ups have been a handy way of urging users to subscribe to a blog or newsletter, or to make a purchase, as well as helping businesses keep track of their users and better target their audience.

It’s always been pretty straightforward and a win-win. Except of course, for the obvious con.

In an age where time is money that you, as a user, have chosen to spend on a certain website, your user experience is everything. Constant disruption by pop-ups is bound to have your valuable users turn the other way.

They are giving you their time and attention, so as a business you need to respect that and give them the most seamless experience they can get their hands on.

The Modern Day Alternatives

As much as a pop-up to collect user information may have worked in the past, new software and tools are constantly being introduced to the market.

Everything is about customization and personalization today, so that’s what you need to be focusing on – who are you targeting and how best would they like to be targeted and spoken to.

Is it via a full-screen pop-up? Most likely not.

Users want to feel connected with the brand that they are giving their time to. Conversational tools are a great way to do just that.

Snippect allows you to engage in tailored conversations with your users and effortlessly guide them to the most relevant pages, as well as being more likely to ask for their contact details at the most appropriate times to them.

As a result, you are able to convert users into customers more seamlessly.

Whether it’s staying on a blog, subscribing to a newsletter, or guiding a user to just the product they are looking for, Snippect has got your back. And it will do this without ruining the user experience.

I’ll let you in on a secret – everything boils down to your users and their experience. Well, obviously right? They’re the ones paying the bills.

Snippect is all about providing 100% satisfaction to businesses, with 0% user experience disruption. How can that be?

Well, it’s a tool that literally (virtually) allows you to hold the users hand and walk them to exactly where they want to go, while having a pleasant conversation that educates them about your brand (often subtly) and converting them into tangible customers without making them feel forced into it.

I’m just throwing this theory out there, but I think users tend to let their guard down more with Snippect as well because they haven’t been conditioned over the years to hate chat boxes the way they have with pop-ups.

Interacting with Snippects on a website is so easy that it doesn’t take too much for a user to convert. You’re able to place them into non-intrusive spaces on the page, allowing you to forego jarring pop-ups that may cause users to leave.

You’re not forcing yourself down their throat and surprisingly enough, users appreciate that!

In case all this sounds too good to be true in theory, why not give it a shot for yourself in practice with a free 15 day trial.