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Best AMP Templates for Magento

If you’re a brand focused on e-commerce, chances are that you’ve already heard of Magento.

Built on an open-source technology that provides online merchants a flexible shopping cart system and control over the design and functionality of the online store, Magento is one of the best e-commerce platforms available today.

Nowadays, the typical shopping experience can be summarised with just three components: see, search, and shop. See something you like, search it on your smartphone, and add it to your cart. Sound familiar?

You’ve been looking at that one shiny thing on your browser that you kind of sort of maybe really want but don’t need. After a bit of back and forth between sensible you and dark-hooded Kermit you, you decide to be responsible and save that money for food or bills or something equally boring.

Then all of a sudden that shiny thing starts popping up everywhere. Instagram, Facebook, Emails, almost like it is your destiny to buy that shiny thing you don’t need. Finally, you give in and go to the store page and set out to find shiny thing. It’s an impulse buy, you just want to get to the shiny thing page, buy it, and not think about it so you don’t feel guilty.

Okay now the site’s taking quite a while to load. What section was shiny thing under again? Man this is complicated.

Now in this mess of a website you have time to think. Thinking is bad for your complexion.

After a couple of minutes you start to feel the guilt of a purchase you haven’t even made yet. You finally find shiny thing, but you’re thinking clearly now. You shamefully leave the website thinking maybe you’ll buy shiny thing some other day.

To consumer you, congratulations! You made a smart decision. To e-commerce mogul you, your website design just lost you a sale dummy.

So how do you ensure that customers aren’t running away from you? It’s as easy as getting the right AMP template for your Magneto powered shopping experience.“Where do I get the right templates?” you ask? Lucky for you, we curated a list of templates for you to pick from.

1. Fashion Slash – AMP Fashion Boutique Magento Theme

For the aspiring fashion empire, a sub par website just won’t do! This template gives a newsletter popup, megamenu, ajax search and compare, site maintenance, featured products, film slider, parallax and video background. Additionally, a catalog images grid and a special price countdown feature.

This template has a clean and classic view.

2. – Tools & Equipment Magento Theme

Specialised in equipment and tool sales, this theme has a standard version that is free and a paid version with more exciting features. Both plans have technical assistance in tickets, access to technical documentation and knowledge base.

The paid plan obviously has features like advanced technical assistance, errors debugging and complex problem corrections. The theme has received a 5-star review and is categorised as a business and service template.

3. Magetique – AMP-Ready Multipurpose Magento 2 Theme

If you have just entered the e-commerce space and are figuring out your niche (you should’ve thought about this sooner), and there’s more industries you want to explore, why just clothing? You want to sell shoes, and make up, and home accessories. Magetique has got you covered.

This theme promises 2 years of regular updates, 600+ satisfied clients, 20+ theme updates, and over 20 modules! This theme is full of incredible features that effortlessly help you manage your store, increase sales and build a developed audience. Their beautiful visuals with a wide range of coloured are designed to convert.

4. Mobillaso – Mobile Store Responsive Magento Theme

Mobillaso with Magento is perfect for running multiple stores from a single admin panel, which helps you budget your time. It is highly flexible and can be scaled to any size whether a kiosk or a shopping mall.

Not just that, it ensures security through SSL to allow customers to feel safe while making any purchases on your website. Sorting options is a basic feature in any online store and Mobillaso gives a seamless experience for this. You also receive documentation, cross-browser compatibility and sliced PSD.

5. Fortis – Responsive Magento Theme

The powerful admin panel allows you to customise the theme without even touching CSS. Fortis can change the visual appearance of almost every element of the theme.  

Use color pickers, apply patterns/textures (predefined or custom) for header, footer and for the entire page, upload background images and configure their properties (position, repeating, attachment), change the font style and font size, and more – absolute customisation.

Fortis, like most other themes has a mega menu. The best feature of fortis is its customisation not just in terms of design but also layouts, grids etc.

6. Fastest – Magento 2 themes & Magento 1. Multipurpose Responsive Theme (20 Home) Shopping,Fashion

Promising a budget friendly yet efficient theme is a claim that is typically considered far-fetched. This theme makes that claim achievable.

Ajax SEO multi-select layered navigation simplifies the product searching items based on their attributes. SEO friendly URLs will provide customers with clear and clean URL on all pages on which the filter is added.

These are just a few of the many many themes out there. There are plenty of fish in the sea, or as I like to say, themes in the park. With more and more features, customizable options, you can fine tune your website while also staying within your budget.