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How my quest to buy a tie led me to my startup -Snippect

My Startup Origin

I was out buying a tie, and it was urgent. That’s when we came up with the idea for Snippect.

If that sounds too big a jump, let me rewind and tell you what actually happened.

Last year, as we were building Acebot, our conversational survey solution, we found ourselves in the United States, prepping to present at an event.

Now bear in mind that we are nerdy, startup folks who weren’t really paying any attention to ‘what to wear’, until the very last minute. It was then that we realized we had to be properly attired for a presentation of this scale, and that I, personally, had to get a tie!

Rushed into the first store I saw, turned out to be a Bloomingdales, where I promptly got lost.

The large store and its cavernous, maze like aisles meant that I ran around in circles looking for where the ties were, scaring myself and everyone around, before I was rescued by an amazing sales rep. He asked me to follow him and made sure I found what I was looking for.

I had found the tie, paid, and was out of the store in 15 minutes flat!

Rushing back to the presentation venue, I had this notion I filed away in my mind. The idea was that with all the time that we spend hooked up to the internet and in the way we look for, and engage with sites and offerings online: That maybe the best online experience was assisted.

Now because at that time, this meant popups and interruptive experiences, that was what I thought about. There were obvious problems with that experience, but if we were going to fix it, how were we going to do that?

This is where I thought about replicating the sales rep experience. What if someone could intervene, exactly and only when we needed help, and show us how to get what we needed?  

For this, chat platforms don’t work as well (since they are mostly associated with help/support); popups, as we know, are worse. How then, do we solve this for the consumer and yet make it an experience that they don’t find intrusive, an experience they might even enjoy.

Our answer to this question, is Snippect.

Snippect is an in-page conversation that lets you talk to your website visitors exactly how and when you want to. Here, you can go ahead and see how it works:

Snippect can be used across any web page to perform a variety of different actions:  To collect leads, to get contextual surveys done, to get folks to a landing page and so on. There’s literally no limit to use cases to use Snippect for.

And customers are already loving it. With powerhouses like Freshworks and HolidayMe already using it to give more context to their conversations, it’s only a matter of time before everyone in marketing understands the power of adding context to the conversations they are having with their visitors.

Shopping! Who’d have thunk it.