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Introduce context into your visitor conversations. No, really!

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chat with context

One of the problems current chat solutions have is the sameness of them all.

Popping up at the bottom right hand corner of business websites, chat widgets with chatbots and sometimes live chat agents ask visitors what they are looking for, and attempt to start a conversation from there.

We all know this. We have been talked to by this chatbots in these cute little boxes.

And sometimes we have replied, and got what we came to the website for.

But what about the other times? 

The times we have been annoyed and didn’t want to speak to anyone but were hounded by the chatbot until we left. The times that the questions the chat agent was asking us were not relevant because he did not know in what context you were there on the site.

And there have been a few of these times for all of us.

Most businesses are okay with this percentage of successful customer interactions, but should you be too?

In a world where customer service and experience are the new differentiators, you are losing out on the opportunity to provide your visitors and prospective customers with an experience that will make them your champions.

This is what we suggest: Introduce context into the conversations you want to have with your visitors. 

With Snippect, you can introduce a chat at the exact point when you think your visitor is ready to be given the information that will help her make the purchase decision, or perhaps go deeper into the product. This experience will not interrupt your visitor’s flow, nor will it annoy them with irrelevant information. Both the ‘when’, and the ‘what’ of the problem of reaching your audience has been answered.

With normal chatbots and chat products, this context is something you’ll have to ask your audience for, and this is an extra point of friction before you get from the details required for you to take the conversation ahead.

With Snippect, when you get into the conversation, you already know what the visitor is looking at and what they might be interested in, which means that the conversations are high quality and the experience is premium.

If you need any more convincing, you can try the free trial here. Feel free to reach out to us for a demo as well.