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Snippects, Conversations and Converting on Your Blogs

Hey there!

Welcome back, we hope you enjoyed the first part of this blog.

If you haven’t read it yet then you will be missing out on aspects of creating prompt and option based messages, adding conditional logic to your questions and publishing your Snippects. Read it here.

So, without further ado, we bring to you… the second edition to knowing everything you need about Snippect!

You are “6 min read” away from converting your blogs into lead churning machines! 

How many Snippects do I need in my blog?

Short answer – One, if your only objective is to move users to your signup page.

You can use multiple Snippects on your page if you would also like to engage with your visitors as well before converting them.

As a thumb rule, we recommend that you create 2 Snippects per 1500 words. This works well as it doesn’t seem to crowd the content and it manages to engage the users subtly.

If the content exceeds 1500 then depending on the length, you would need to have additional Snippects.

The position of the Snippect also plays a crucial role in creating engagement. We like to structure our Snippects in the following manner:

  • Introduction – inserted within the first 100 words
  • Engagement – placed somewhere in the middle.
  • Redirect/Convert – placed within the last 100 words.

How do I write the conversations?

Think short, fun and friendly conversations you could have with your friend.

Let’s get started with the thought process you would need to create your introductory Snippect.

Imagine, when you are giving a speech, you would always start with a greeting or an opening line before jumping into the subject. The intro snippect serves the exact same purpose.

Placed within the first 100 words, the intro snippect should greet your reader and maybe drop an interesting opening that aligns with the context of your content.

Let’s look at few examples.

A fashion blog about “Top 10 advantages and disadvantages of hair spa” using snippect, likes to know where their users are coming from. Based on the choice of the location, the snippect displays a unique message to the user.


If you were to select some other city such as Delhi-NCR or Hyderabad.


This kind of personalization in the introduction gives the user the feeling of belonging. It quickly establishes that the blogger is aware of the user’s location and is aware of the local culture.

It goes a long way in establishing a trust factor towards your article and the service/product that you wish to promote through the content.

The custom snippect involves a simple “If and then” condition attached to the respective question. You can create such conditions by clicking on the “Rules, Branch and Display Logic” button.


If you need our help understanding how to create rules then drop us an email at

Let’s move on to engagement.

These are nothing but short conversations which engage the user based on the area of the blog they are on. The conversations here could range from a question to a fact about the topic they are currently reading.

Let’s take the example of our own Snippect blog, where we showcase the working of our tool.


The blog in that particular area is talking about the effort which is invested in creating a blog and how it could prove completely inefficient if the reader doesn’t move towards the expected conversion.

The respective Snippect engages the user by asking them if they had the same experience with their articles. The conversation then leads to a point where it sets the table for the next sub-topic within the blog.


So, you see what we did there… right?

Snippects purely meant for engagement can strategically come in the middle of the blog when its length is more than 2000 words.

Now, we come to the most crucial category of Snippects i.e. conversion.

These are recommended to be placed strategically at the bottom of the content (last 100 words). Now, if your page see’s many drop off’s before the user scroll towards the end (check your heatmaps to be certain), you can always skip the engagement Snippect and jump straight to conversion (or like some of our client, have only conversion Snippect)

The sole purpose of this category of Snippects is to redirect your customer into the conversion funnel.

It works better if your DO NOT yell out “CLICK ON THIS BUTTON!!!”.

You don’t need to do a hard sell for your product or service. Instead, it is better to introduce the call to action in a subtle and fun tone. This is where you let your creativity shine.

Think of it as an actual conversation that you would have with your readers on the phone or face to face. Instead of being an annoying salesman, you would obviously go for the right choice of words to convert the reader.

Apply that same logic to your conversion Snippect and… Voila!

Let’s take a look at some effective examples.

The Freshservice IT ticketing software team using Snippect promotes their tool through series of content. In the blog “Leveraging your service management system for more than IT”, they talk about various areas where ticketing systems can be used to reap maximum productivity.

At the end of the blog, they redirect the user towards their own support ticketing software.


The conversational tone towards the call to action is more encouraging to the user to enter the conversion funnel. Rather than saying “Sign up for a demo of our Support Ticketing Software”.

Let’s look at another example from the fashion blog that we mentioned earlier.


The Snippect engages the user by asking their frequency of getting a hair spa done. Once the user answers that, the Snippect displays a personalized message and then moves towards the goal of converting the user with its last statement.

Notice how in both the examples of conversion Snippects, the call to action button is personalized as well.

In our observation, these button work much better than buttons that communicate direct hard sell.

Your readers would definitely get a warm welcoming feeling if you put in the effort of personalising the call to action button as well.

Time for clarifying your doubts!!

If you have any queries to clarify or even feedback for us then just drop us an email at and we will instantly write back to you.

Follow the tips and get started on creating your first Custom Snippect