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The Best AMP Templates for Landing Pages

Your landing page is your first impression. But you already know this.

What you may not know is how important all the invisible things are in addition to the design and navigation of your landing page. In a mobile-first world, the amount of time it takes your landing page to load could be the reason a visitor chooses to leave – or stay.

Additionally, when websites aren’t developed specifically for mobile, they end up looking very- to put it lightly – off when loading on mobile devices. Whether it’s wonky fonts, contorted images, or just general glitchiness, the problems with loading desktop-built websites on mobile are countless.

Google’s AMP project has been developed to make your landing page the best version of itself. From loading your landing page in under 10 seconds to ensuring its design stays responsive no matter what type of screen you’re loading it from, AMP templates help you stay quick and current in a day and age when people are distracted by videos of cute puppies eating lettuce.

With these templates, you’ll be able to compete with those puppies (and win).

1. 8X

The ‘8X’ template has a 100% mobile responsive page, which means your landing page remains consistent whether someone uses a smartphone, tablet, or hologram. Okay, tech may not have come as far as holograms, but when it does, the ‘8X’ is ready for it.

This template also features highly advanced browser optimization, making it seamless to navigate on any browser installed on a mobile device. Even Internet Explorer.

Additionally, because of its unique look, feel and smooth transition effects, your visitors are likely to stay engaged and enjoy their user experience. Despite all this fancy-shmanciness, this landing page loads lightning fast.

2. Layer

Do you sell an app? Make your landing page work double-time to market it for you. Think about it this way: if your landing page is slow, why would visitors trust your app to be any faster? Ah, this is why the invisible parts of a first impression matter so much.

When you use the ‘Layer’ template, you tell your visitors that their experience on your app will be just as effortless, smooth, and intuitive as using your website. With its Bootstrap, CSS3, and HTML5 framework, this is one powerful template that remains responsive and seamless.

It’s also MailChimp-ready and has a working contact form, which makes your job just that much easier.

3. Archer

Install the ‘Archer’ template to aim, shoot, and achieve. This multipurpose responsive landing page is a winner no matter what your website is dedicated to. Selling a product? Check. Marketing a service? Check. Writing a niche blog about uniform costumes for pets? Check, check, and check.

The ‘Archer’ landing page is SEO-ready, supports Google fonts, features a video modal, and has great documentation. That means you’re covered from end-to-end – design, tech, and all.

This sleek and dynamic number is the perfect way to say hello to new visitors and tell them you’re here to deliver.

4. Malooka

This template may have a funny name, but ‘Malooka’ means business, alright. This landing page is built upon HTML5/CSS3 framework, making it responsive and intuitive on any device.

The framework also gives this landing page the ability to load faster than you can say the word ‘supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.’ Because that’s what this template is: supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. Or just super, for short.

Even though it’s got incomparable load rates, it doesn’t lack features. This template is packed full of them, including a working newsletter form, Twitter and Flickr feeds, and easy customization tools. We told you ‘Malooka’ meant business.

5. Piecia

The endless scrolling landing page is all the rage these days. Do like the cool kids do, but faster and with more personalization when you implement the ‘Piecia’ landing page.

This lightweight, responsive template is a simple, easy-to-use, and easier-to-implement landing page that will make your visitors wish the phrase ‘endless scrolling’ were literal.

‘Piecia’ is well-documented, offers impeccable customization (through Google fonts, package variation, and icons), and is compatible with all the major browsers. Moreover, because it’s so lightweight, it loads almost instantaneously – and looks good doing it.

6. BizNex

As the name suggests, the ‘BizNex’ landing page is best suited for businesses looking to make a good first impression. This template features parallax animations, giving your visitors a dynamic and engaging user experience.

The modern aesthetic doesn’t get in the way of how user-friendly ‘BizNex’ is – the clickability of each page is intuitive and guides visitors through all the right pathways. The landing page is also 100% responsive, which means its parallax effects can be enjoyed on any device.

Moreover, this template comes with friendly lifetime support, making it the ideal choice for anyone who’s just starting out with AMP-lifying their website.

So, to sum it up (if it wasn’t clear already) – your landing page is key and it is crucial to correctly oil all the tools and software that are constantly working behind the scenes to ensure you provide the most seamless experience for your users.

Seamless, tailored, quick to load websites = increase in conversion rate.